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Help the DogApp Store4.6

Cody the dog and Candy are getting married, but the evil witch Bruhilda is determined to stop their wedding. She has kidnapped the princess and cursed Cody to be forever lost in the world of Neverends.

Immerse yourself in this awesome, mind-twisting adventure with more than 45 colorful, fun, and addictive levels.
Unlock bonus levels, extra features, and new accessories.
Take the game to a completely new level by playing the “expert mode”.
Find the perfect solution to the puzzles to earn the golden trophy.
Let the world know how smart you are by using the “Brag!” feature.
Customize the appearance of your character by adding hats, glasses, masks or even changing his color.

Help Cody traverse the mind-bending mazes of Neverends to save his beloved princess! Along the way, you and Cody will need the aid of other animals, also trapped in the mazes of Neverends and condemned by Bruhilda’s terrible curse. The hope of all the inhabitants of Neverends now rests on you! All you have to do is HELP THE DOG, save his princess, and free the kingdom of Neverends.

HELP THE DOG in his quest to cross The Enchanted Forest, The Desert of Sorrow, The Ice Labyrinth of The Cold Mountains, the Graveyard of The Lost Souls, and the Dungeons of Bruhilda’s castle.


Addictive! This game is really addictive and fun. Playing on the harder difficulties take me back to the 80’s when beating a game was actually an accomplishment.

Steven Smith

Fun for all ages This game is unique, extremely fun and well thought out. A must have.

Ernesto Surribas

The musical score for this game is game is magnificent. Yes, the puzzles are entertaining and rewarding, however, the theme for world 1 alone makes the game worth downloading.