Keep your eggs in their baskets! To solve these brain-training puzzles, discover the pattern that will send each egg home to its nest. Are you ready for the challenge – or will your eggs stay scrambled?

EggScrambled will twist your brain!

EggScrambled is a simple and addictive puzzle game. The goal is to match every colored egg with the nest of the same color by sliding them through the path to an empty nest.

The fewer moves you use to solve the puzzle, the higher your score will be! Everyone, from Novice to Eggspert, will delight in these four egg worlds and find hours of entertainment unscrambling each challenging new dilemma.

Complete with ten Eggciting achievements & 70+ unique puzzles, EggScrambled keeps brains sharp and teaches problem solving math skills – providing kid-friendly fun the whole family will love!

Are you ready to challenge your brain?

This simple yet stimulating game will help you keep your brain in Eggcellent shape. Solving puzzles is important for sharpness, and guiding each differently-colored egg to the matching nest will have you racing to unscramble the solution! How many moves will it take you to guide each egg home? The fewer moves you use, the higher your score – but you can use as many moves as you need to solve the puzzle. All you need to succeed is to find the right pattern, and to build upon previous levels with your new ideas. There are ten Eggsquisite achievements to find in four fun egg worlds.

EggScrambled Features:

* Brain Training Challenges to Stay Sharp!
* Four Egg Worlds for Tons of Fun!
* Ten Amazing Achievements to Unlock!
* Fun, Colorful Graphics and Cute Cartoonish Style!
* A Three-Star Ranking System to Chart Your Progress!
* No In-App Purchases
* Hours of Entertainment that the Whole Family Can Enjoy! Family-friendly fun Safe for Kids of All Ages!